Updates 3

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Hey guys I have decided to start posting daily so expect one a day at least. But also I may start a new blog on wix but that is not decided yet. Comment below if you ever wanted to make a blog?

See ya,

Abigail xxx


Updates 2

Hey guys, almost Valentines day! Doing anything special? I absolutely do not, school is what I’ve got. Today I went to the beach so now I have amazing hair.

See ya



2 weeks ago I started at a new school. My school started on a Thursday so 2 days then weekend, then 2 days and then a holiday called waitangi day( a day to mark the signing of a treaty google it its interesting). I made a few new friends

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All About Me

    1. My name is Abigail
    2. Originally I come from Canada, but currently I live in New Zealand
    3. I have no siblings
    4. My favourite subjects in school are art because it is very relaxing, and spelling  because I’m quite good at it
    5. In my spare time you could probably find me reading in my bed
    6. My favourite book series is Harry Potter
    7. My favourite singer/song writer is Ed Sheeran
    8. I love cooking and baking
    9. My dream is to be on MasterChef
    10. My favourite animals are dogs, cats and leopards